Wednesday, 10 October 2012

What you can learn from Total Recall

People, like brands, can be redefined and re-launched. Choose the right story from your personal history, but a different one to the one you currently tell (to others and yourself).

Your brand positioning, what you stand for, who your brand is, is almost entirely arbitrary and created. In the result of a variety of choices you've made about yourself, and a result of a series of determinant factors in your past that are beyond your control.

I watched the remake of Total Recall the other day. The general story line is that a bad guy has given the good guy a new set of memories so he doesn’t got back to being the legend he once was, and thus threatening the bad guy again, because he can’t remember that he ever was that person in the first place.

In it, Howser, the good guy played by Colin Farrell, says an amazing line to the bad guy as he rebels against him again despite his memory problems:

 “Maybe I don’t remember who I was, but I know who I am”. 

You just need to decide in the moment what you stand-for, who you are, what’s important. Your past, your memories are not important. They don’t need to define you. We can reprogramme ourselves like Total Recall. Your self is entirely constructed. All experience is an illusion. For people and for brands.

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